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Okay, so I know that one of the major criticisms Democrats make about Republicans is that we don’t care for the poor.

How do you figure that? You’re right that we don’t want the government to do that through the welfare/ food stamp system. But this is not because we’re greedy and unwilling to…

In the global capitalist economy, these injustices are magnified a thousand fold. The poorest third of humanity earns two percent of the world’s income, while the richest fifth receives two-thirds of global income. And while every middle class household in the developed world aims to own a personal computer, millions elsewhere are forever hungry. Such injustice is not a force of nature, but the logical outcome of the economic dominance of transnational corporations backed by the dominant capitalist governments.”

The answer to your question: Because we realize the problem is the system. It’s your ideology that is the problem. Giving isn’t the same thing as ensuring that citizens have their basic needs met. Your philosophy of free market capitalism and deregulation has in fact created the horrible poverty we see around the globe today. Do you have any statistics to back up your claims about the character and mode of living of people who require public assistance? Or did you just hear some conservative describe people that way and so you just accepted it as true? I live in one of the poorest counties in my state. It is a rural county, and the picture that conservatives try to paint about the inner city single mother who is a drug addict and prostitute and that’s why she’s poor and doesn’t deserve our help is completely untrue, and where I live proves that. 


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